Friday, October 12, 2012

Photo of The Week


Oh, pumpkins.  Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins.  I love the word, pumpkins.  Grace does too because that is all I’ve heard this past week since telling her we were going to go to the pumpkin patch on Mr. MCD’s day off.

Every day it was, “Are we going to the pumpkin patch?  Oh no!  I’ve got to go get dressed, we don’t want to be late!”

She would run off in a frenzy gathering any and all clothing she could find.  One day she even brought me a hair tie and a bow and asked me to put her hair up so she could play in the pumpkin patch.

So when the moment finally came for us to leave, I was a little worried that the pumpkin patch might not live up to the hype of the week.  We’ve made maps to the pumpkin patch, talked about it endlessly, made drawings of what the carvings should look like (I should have taken pictures of those…there wouldn’t be any pumpkin left!).  It’s been a big deal around here.

When we were a little ways away, I saw the pumpkin patch…and it was dry.  Ohio was hit pretty hard by this year’s heat and it showed.  The ground was so cracked and dusty and everything was so withered.  But, we were not disappointed!

We were expecting to just go to the local pumpkin patch…but they go all out!

We rode on a hayride to get to the pumpkin patch...

They dropped us off at the entrance to a corn maze…which was AWESOME!  And they even had a bounce house, a few animals to pet, a straw maze and some Fall/Halloween peep-through boards. 

As my family and I were running around through the maze, I was able to get some great shots.  It was really quite beautiful with the light shining through the tall corn stalks.  I wish I knew more about photography and had a DSLR.  Maybe I could have captured the sunlight and its gorgeous beams.  However, I think I did pretty well with my little FugiFilm Finepix S camera.

When we got through the maze, the pumpkin patch opened right up to us.  It was pretty vast and although the ground and leaves were dry and wasted, it really looked pretty.  The pumpkins were so bright and the sunlight was great.  The sky had such a great gradient going up from white to blue, and there weren’t very many clouds.

Grace wasn’t as excited as I was about how pretty everything really turned out to be…she was too involved with all the PUMPKINS!!!!

That kid practically went insane, running from one pumpkin to the next.  Picking them up, examining a few that was damaged or icky.  She was fascinated.

Claire was too.  She found one that she determined would be the one to pick up…take a look.

"You look like a good one to try...Oh yeah, your mine."

"Let's see here, thighs parallel, back straight...let's do this!"

"Oh....hmmmm!!....Okay, one more time...HMMM!!!..."

"Yeah, I think you are right Daddy, this one might be a little bit better."

I love that little girl.  She was so happy and relaxed throughout the whole thing, just taking it all in.

Claire really loved the animals, especially the bunnies.  I couldn’t pull her away!  The calves were cute too, but I didn’t get any pictures.  A tiny meltdown ensued.  J

It was great time.  We got four great pumpkins, great pictures and everyone was so happy.  It will be one of my favorite memories.

Oh...and look at this photo...

How neat is that!!!

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