Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Great Bow!!

Hello!  I made another bow last night.  This is actually one that I had started and then hated.  I had originally used the pink and grey plaid ribbon for the base but it's so flimsy, it just looked silly.  So, I went all out instead!  

I love the look of this bow.  It's a big one at 6 inches.  I think it is a show stopper.  I love the stack on this bow.   Once I get my camera cord I'm going to start putting up tutorials for the bows.  They are surprisingly easy to make.  I love how you can get a very new and interesting bow just by adding another layer or another ribbon.

I'm excited to complete this order.  The order is for a young lady who is participating in the "Adopt a Child" program.  All I know is that the two little girls love pink!  So they are getting two large bows and four small bows.  You can see the other bows I've made so far in the Christmas Bows post.

I can't wait to share with you the other bows that are to come.

Until then...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Bows are on Sale!!!

Christmas Hair Bows

The holiday season is a time for pretty dresses, cute patent leather shoes and stockings.  But you have to have a pretty little bow on top.  I'm selling those pretty little bows on top.  They are always so fun to make.  I really got into making them for my daughter after never seeing what I liked.  So here are a few of the little beauties I have created.

I had a couple of orders for pink bows, but all are made to the clients specific color requirements.  I'm offering two different sizes; Large (6-inch) and Small (3-inch).  Large bows are $8, small bows are $5 for one and $8 for a pair.

The "Miss Put Together" bow is a 3-inch bow with two ribbons and small center embellishment. Would be very cute as a set with pigtails!
(All bows are made to your color specifications)

The "Christmas Princess" bow is a 3-inch bow with two ribbons (one will be sheer organza) with center embellishment. 
This is a very pretty bow.
(All bows are made to your color specifications)

The "Christmas Wrapping Bow" is a 6-inch bow with three different ribbons and center embellishment. Very fun bow!
(All bows are made to your color specifications)

Merry Christmas!  I love making bows and I'm happy to be able to make a ton of them this year.  I'll have more pictures to come.

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