Thursday, March 28, 2013

Vote on the Next Project!!

Hi there everyone!  Okay!!!  So what should the next project be?

From Left to Right...

 -  A Three cubby bookshelf for the playroom

 -  Farmhouse doll bed (Sandy has been needing a bed for quite a while)

 -  Original painting utilizing an old canvas that was here when we moved in and depicting the scene of my two lovies.

 -  Handmade knitted washcloths from Purlbee.  We seem to be in need of some new why not make them.  I made one a long time ago and I love the feel of it.


Look to the right of your screen and find the Next Project Poll.  You can choose multiple projects if you are not sure which project you like the most.

Poll ends Friday (March 29th) at 12pm.  Work on projects will begin next week!

I can't wait to see what project you choose!

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Vanity For A New House!

Hello!  It's been five months since my last post!!!

WOW!  is all I have to say.  Sad, but true.  We've moved again from Columbus, Ohio to Cincinnati, Ohio.  I'll spare you all the details, save for one.  I was not thrilled.  In fact, I was so down about moving, that I stopped blogging.  I didn't talk to friends for a while.

I felt like I was finally settling into a place and then, here we go again!  Our move to Cincinnati marks the fourth move in three years.  I was being ripped from friends and a house that I really loved.

But...God works wonders.  Our new house, lovingly dubbed The DJ House, is my favorite home I've lived in thus far.  The previous owners did a phenomenal job on the place.  Photos will be uploaded that we are moved in and there aren't boxes in every nook and cranny!

However, I did need to add a vanity.  So here she is in all her glory!

I know, it's not much.  But before, it was just a three sided alcove right next to my closet.  Now, it's a perfect spot for my makeup, jewelry and a pretty little mirror I got at a garage sale back in Columbus for $1!!

Next is a multitude of things for this space.

The mirror is getting painted Aubusson Blue from Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint line.

It will then get a nice rub and buff of gold on it's pretty edges.

Rub-N-Buff - Grecian Gold

I also need a new light fixture.  The one up there now looks like a weird clam shell.  I'd like something along these lines.

You can kind of see the route I'm going just by looking at the lamps.  A little regal, a little glitz with some interesting detail.  I think my least favorite is the very top one, but I really love the glass on it.  The bottom one would have to be three or four in a row, but I LOVE the star burst.  Very playful!

Then, I need ruffles!  I'm going to put a shelf below the vanity and I would like to hide that if I could.  Below are some ideas I liked.

Grand Design Co.


I like the Anthropologie look, although the ones shown are curtains, but that's an easy DIY.

I also have to finish my chair, which I don't have a picture of.  However, below is a similar one.

That is pretty much the exact chair, minus a few details and a very much needed seat.  I need a jig-saw to cut out a seat to reupholster it.  But, my little cane-back chair cost me zilcho dinero!  I was out running one day and saw that little baby on the side of someone's house.  Luckily my Spanish is decent enough that I was able to communicate that I would like to have the chair and the lovely couple let me take it!

It's beautiful!  It just doesn't have a seat yet!

Along with accessorizing and all the other little tid-bits I mentioned.  This project is well underway!

However, the hideous wallpaper will have to wait.  I'm not ready for it yet.

Can't you see how pretty this little spot is going to be?!?!

Until next time...hopefully not five months down the line...

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