Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post at My Mommy Manual

Hi there!  Today I'm so honored to have the chance to guest post over My Mommy Manual.

Zen Mommy, Suzanne, (and trust me, this amazing woman is so zen) and Practical Mommy, Ria, write amazing posts catering to all things mommy.  My Mommy Manual encourages support and love.  Whenever I read My Mommy Manual, I come away feeling as if I've learned a lesson in serenity, in gratitude.

Whether it be a look at loving boundries for our children, finding that confident inner voice as a mother or even an honest and heartfelt look at loss, My Mommy Manual is just the place for a healthy dose self love.

So, Suzanne asked me to write a guest post about crafts and connecting with your children, I panicked, because all I could think about was...crayons...

Hop on over to My Mommy Manual to read about "The Crayon Connection".  And while you are there, give MMM a good read and see why I love My Mommy Manual so much.

Until next time...

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