Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Special: Stacie of The Three Sweet Peas

I love DIY, I love decorating, I love Creativity and Stacie of The Three Sweet Peas has it.  Stacie is a wife and busy mother of three (yes, THREE!) and yet she finds time to beautifully decorate her home with custom made print outs, beautiful holiday mantels and even make "lockers" for her family's entry way.  Well, her husband made it...but it was all from her vision!

Some of my favorite projects Stacie has featured include her free printables that you can easily print out on your computer and frame.  They are always beautiful and usually feature an inspiring message.  She recently featured a printout of Thanksgiving Subway Art, shown below.

I love the colors and Subway art is so much fun!

The first time I ever came across Stacie's blog, The Three Sweet Peas, was on a Pinterest binge.  I found Stacie's adorable bow holder made from a wire dress form.  It's so girly and all the bows make for a beautiful "dress".

Here are a few more pictures of Stacie's creative endeavours.  I especially love her transitional fall mantel.  It always revolves around her great-grandmother's clock.   I can't wait to have a mantel to decorate!

The left is a SPOOKY printout and the right is a beautiful framed quilt block.

Stacie also has some great hair tutorials in her series, Messy Hair Monday.

How cute is that!

I had the pleasure of being able to ask Stacie a few questions.  Once you work in a television studio, the joy of an interview never leaves you.  

Q:  Do you remember when the creative bug gave you a big bite?

A:  I have been creating since before Kindergarten.  Obviously, my creativity developed as I did.  I remember I would sit for hours creating stories and drawings.  When I was in second grade my grandmother gave me a crocheted set of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  I created a play and story that I got to perform for the entire school and it went on to win some school literary awards.  I have never stopped I just need a lot more money for my creative genius now! 

Q:  How long have you been blogging and what drove you to it?  

A:  I have been maintaining a personal blog for several years but recently had the opportunity to become Jen’s virtual assistant from Tatertots and Jello.  I really thought it was a great time to dive in and share some of my creativity. 

Q:  What are some of your favorite things you have created?  

A:  I have so many favorite projects but my current favorite is my Locker Unit and Office Transformation. 

Q.  What is the best advice someone has given you towards your creative endeavors?  

A:  I remember being in high school and insecure about my artistic ability.  I took Art every semester and LOVED it but didn’t have confidence in myself.  I later received the best calligrapher of the school award and it made me realize that I really might be good at this creative thing. 

Q.  What are some projects you have up your sleeve or that you dream about doing?  

A:  OH, I can’t spill the beans but it is going to be HUGE.  I can tell you it is going to be a bathroom and it is going to have a COMPLETELY unexpected element in it.  We are just trying to sort out the plumbing and then hopefully I can get started.  …And when I say HUGE I mean transformation not $$$. 

I know I can't wait to see the transformation.  I love a renovation!  I hope you enjoyed the special today and  come back again next Saturday.

Until next time...

Did you know, Stacie is also featuring me today on her blog.  Click on the link below and check it out...and be sure to browse all her wonderful goodies while you are there!

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