Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tea Topper: French Knot!

Yay!  Another Tea Topper completed.  Two down, seven to go!  I love this one.  I'll tell you, the shiny gold button, made all the difference.  I used the same fabric flower design, but I made it much smaller by using a small tea mug to make the circles.  I also didn't alternate the fabric as you can see.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  It is very pretty and the colors are very sharp against each other, and that button...  It's a Ralph Lauren button that was at the very bottom of my button bag.  I actually have two so I'm going to put one on a flower barrette for Grace.

For the side embellishments I used embroidery floss and made these little circles of overlapping floss.  Since my first two were ugly, I found out a trick.  After drawing your circle on the felt, take your needle and poke holes along the circle as evenly as possible because being as the felt is "stiff felt" the holes stay in place as a marker for your needle.

Just put it up against the light and there is your little embroidery constellation to guide you along your way.  Here is what the back should look like when done correctly.

I'm not the best at making finishing knots
Pretty evenly space I think. Once all of the little starbursts were finished I put on a tiny button and finished it with a french knot in pink.

If you don't know how to make a french knot, it's super easy.

First, thread your needle with whatever you are using and tie a secure knot at the end.  Pull that needle and thread through the back of your working piece.  Next, near the base wrap the needle around the thread 2-4 times depending on how large you want the knot.

Next, as closely as you possibly can, reinsert the needle next to where you came up.  Pull the needle through to pull the knot.  You may need to guide the thread while pulling if you have a lot of thread on the needle.

And that should give you a pretty little French Knot.  I did the same exact thing except I made mine on top of a button.

They look like little flowers.

After the embellishments were complete, I attached my flower and hot glued the second felt backing.  And Voila!  A beautiful Tea Topper!!!

There will be another one soon.  I just haven't decided how I'm going to do it yet, but pretty is the goal!!!

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