Friday, September 28, 2012

Photo of the Week

Obviously, this photo wasn't taken this week.  But I thought that since this little angel has been on my mind so much this week, it was only fitting to have her as my first Photo of the Week post.   (That's a lot of "weeks" in one paragraph!)

Claire just turned one in August and even though I desperately try not to think about her birth and the days after, that seems to be all I can think about lately.  

There are a couple new and, quite frankly, stinking adorable babies around me these days.  Holding these tiny little creatures has given me a bit of baby fever.  But as soon as I think, "Yeah, why not?  We could have another one."  My brain then comes to a screeching halt and I immediately think about her birth.

I don't know if Mr. MCD and I will ever have another baby.  We both want one.  But I think I'm too afraid right now to even try.

As for the picture.  This was the very first picture I took of her to share with everyone.  I took it on August 31st, 2011, 20 days after she was actually born, and I still didn't share it until September 1st.  I remember thinking and asking Mr. MCD if he thought we could...if we should.  I think I kept thinking that the amazing miraculous recovery she had made would all of a sudden disappear and I really wouldn't get to have her after all.

Claire is a miracle and there is no doubt about that.  She has no physical issues...a shock.  She has no brain damage...a COMPLETE shock.  In fact, she's crazy smart.

I am lucky I came out of it alive and, God willing, still able to have future babies if our family wishes and Claire is truly a blessed baby.

We love our family and we love our friends.  It always amazes me the support and comfort people can give in the darkest of situations.  

Happy 1st Birthday to my little miracle.

Until next time...

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shannah said...

You are a wonderful mother to two beautiful baby girls. God blessed them when He made you their mother! Just keep praying and the Lord will direct you and your husband to make the right decision.

Hugs- Shan

Shanna C. said...

Thank you Shannah. That was very kind. I don't know what our future has in store, but I know it will not be by our will.


Emily S said...

What a doll! Thank you for sharing!

Shanna C. said...

Thank you Emily. She's such a sweet and wild little girl and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

Adorable!! what a blessing to celebrate your little miracle's 1st birthday! we had pregnancy/birth complications so I can relate all well to the bittersweet thankful feelings these things leave you with... happy to have found your blog :)

Shanna C. said...

Thank you, Jen, for your sweet comments. I'm happy to have found your blog as well!

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