Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Bows

Yay!  The St. Patrick's Day bows are complete and are now in the wonderful boutique, Looking Glass Designs.  I made an order of ten to start and they couldn't have turned out any more adorable.

And the bow card looked great attached to the bow.  It's light and fresh and is the perfect complement to any color bow.  I didn't want anything too showy...I wanted the bow to stand out and I really think it does.

I also took a moment in the mayhem of it all and captured a small snippet of my work area...and this is before I really got going!

Just what is the greatest trick not in the book you ask...stick a pencil, pen,
or in my case, an exacto knife (whatever fits) into your spool of thread so
that when you need to get string all you have to do is hold that piece and
pull the string.  Nice and easy.  No unraveling by hand and then misplacing
your spool because you put it in a different spot every time.  It just acts like
a roll of toilet paper.

Grace took the liberty of adding to my mess with the diaper, the goody bag and a puff flower that is usually attached to the baby Claire's swing.  However, she is such a big girl now she can just reach up and grab them.  She kept saying..."You need these momma!"

And speaking of baby Claire, here is a picture of that gooey goodness...

She just had a checkup today and she is 19 6 months!  27.5 inches and growing.  She's the size of a 9 month old, which I already knew because the 9mo. clothing she has been wearing is getting tight.  Just look at those cheeks!!!

Also, in the middle of all this bow goodness, and because I always forget to feed myself, Mr. MCD made me an amazing bowl of clam chowder and homemade garlic toast.  Yep, he's mine.

I'm very happy that I got the order completed and in the boutique.  The next bows to made for Looking Glass Designs are going to be for the St. Louis Cardinals.  And look out little boys....I'm making some handsome little bow ties for you!!

Until next time...


shannah said...

I love St pattys day. Those bows are cute and unique!
Claire is beautiful as well! :) keep up the excellent work!

Vw: sonin

Momma C Designs said...

Thank you! I loved how the bows came out and they were fun to make. Claire is a very fun baby!

RKallberg said...

I don't even know where to start. Somehow I lost track of reading your blog and just got back to it. I am so impressed with your talent, I had no idea how truly creative you were until you starting tracking it with this blog.. Your photos are terrific. You take the time to detail everything so nicely I am intimidated to start my own because I don't think I could ever be as thorough as you! Love the inside look into your work space and meal etc, makes you really seem approachable (which you are). Also, the back of the hairbow card is seriously the CUTEST ever. Do you print every one like that?

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