Monday, February 13, 2012

Extra, Extra!!!

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  Shanna got her bows in a boutique and she's gonna shout all about it!!!

And yes, the over exaggerated usage of the exclamation marks are most definitely in order.

We all know that I'm a big fan of making bows.  They're a blast to make and I just can't get over how cute little girls are with a big, fat bow in their hair.

So, I decided to start spreading the love and sell the bows that I love to make...

Well, I just got an amazing opportunity to sell my bows in a gorgeous boutique right here in St. Louis!

Looking Glass Designs of Lafayette Square will be selling my bows starting tomorrow on Valentine's Day!  This boutique is so beautiful and Andrea, the owner, is such a warm individual.  Take a look at some photos of her amazing boutique...

When you walk inside, you just know you are somewhere special.  Andrea is so creative and you should have seen some of the overalls she just embellished with ruffles...*GASP*

Looking Glass Designs not only sells beautiful and unique baby clothing and accessories, but the boutique specializes in unique gifts that range from gorgeous and intricate handmade jewelry, monogrammed bags, spa apparel, serving and wine accessories and gorgeous home goods.

Thank you Andrea for now offering my bows to your customers in your amazingly beautiful boutique.

Please go to Looking Glass Designs' Facebook page and "like" them.

You can also visit Looking Glass Designs here.

Until next time...


shannah said...

Congrats! :) Your bows are beautiful and deserve to be worn by little girls everywhere!

wv: shies

Lisa said...

What a beautiful boutique and what STUNNING bows!!! I'm sure they'll sell like hot cakes - only much, much prettier.

I would have LOVED a bow like that when I was little. I'd still wear one now if I thought I could get away with it!!!

Congratulations and fingers crossed for massive future success.

Momma C Designs said...

Thank you both! And yes, the boutique is so beautiful.

And Lisa, I agree...I would wear one too if I thought I could. I do tend to put them in my hair at the house...I admit.

Then Mr. MCD comes in and just shakes his head...

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