Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Ole' Granny Panel Skirt Refashion

This was my second maternity refashion.  I bought this skirt with the intent of making it into a maternity skirt.  I got it a TJ's for $12.  That's way cheaper than anything I would buy that's ready-made maternity!

As I said in the maternity pant refashion post, I like a full panel.  So after learning my lessons with the first refashion, I lengthened my knit fabric from 12" x 23" to 17" x 23".  This gave me a finished size of a little over 8" after seam allowance.  Nice and granny-like!

This skirt was interesting.  The front was flat and the back was elastic.  So, instead of cutting off the entire band, I just cut off the front.

Before I cut anything, I pinned the front and the lining together under my cut line, that you can't see in my picture, so I could keep the two together.  I didn't go too low with the cut, just a few inches.

Again, as you can see, I kept the elastic in the back.  Next, I just sewed the band that I made (see Maternity Pant Refashion for instructions) to the elastic while making sure to fully stretch the elastic and stretch the knit a little too.

 I continued on to the front and finished to have a beautiful new skirt to wear during the hot summer months of pregnancy!  Keeping the elastic was perfect and the band is wide enough that I can fold it down for now and when I get bigger and need more support, just pull it all the way up again.  I love my granny panel!

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