Saturday, March 26, 2011

Easter Dress

I just cut the pattern for Grace's Easter dress.  It was a tricky cut as the bodice is two pieces that cross over one another to form a "V".  I'll be posting pictures of my drawings of the design as well as my fabric choices tomorrow. 

Also, just a tip.  When measuring a baby, wait when they are tired and relaxed.  I put Grace on her changing table at nap time and was able to get every single measurement that I needed.  And then tonight, I measured her again just before bed time to get some other odd little measurements...which I didn't even use. 

This pattern making is just like a giant puzzle and I find myself constructing clothing in my sleep!  I have also run into a little hickup as my ribbon that I was going to use as a gathered embellishment is just too stiff and too thin.  I won't be able to sew it onto or into anything.  I guess I'll be trying to figure that out tonight in my sleep!

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