Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mail Art: Shannah with an "H"

Oh, my dear friend Shannah!  How patient you are!

Look at this great mail art from my pen twin, Shannah over at Write Before Your Eyes!

I really can't get enough of the Chinese New Year dragon, very colorful.

I finally got the chance to respond and I gave her some hand drawn stationary.  I just love drawing.  It is really a comfort to me.  

And yes, those are my hands holding a polka dot pencil.

S...for my name, for her name, for my favorite word...serpentine.

I have a thing with trees.  When I was a child, I couldn't stop drawing trees.  We had a giant sycamore tree in the back yard.  The bark was ghostly white and in the winter when the leaves were all gone it was quite a sight.  But I have drawn and stared at that tree all my life.  I was always fascinated at drawing trees mainly because, you can't go wrong.  A tree, in my opinion, is like a face, it can have many different expressions.

The above tree I drew from a memory of a house that I passed every day driving from school.  It had these teeny-tiny little twig like trees lining the driveway and at the top was a mop of leaves.  They always made me laugh.  They reminded me of Carrot Top!

Again, I've taken these photos with my camera phone...and the contrast is no good.  I did my best with editing but to no avail.  The drawings are much darker in person and I hope Shannah enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed drawing them for her.

Here is the handmade envelope for her.  I was tired of the plain manila envelopes and I have been itching to use this paper.  It's simple but it's cute! 

Until next time...


Lisa said...

That dragon stamp is TOOOOOOOO gorgeous!

And your "simple" striped envelope is lovely - absolutely classy. It's the kind of thing I would imagine silk stockings to have been packaged in in the 1920s!

Shanna C. said...

It's a great cardstock. I love how it folds with a little scoring. You should see it close up. The lines are actually tiny dots. Very cute.

shannah said...

Thanks for the Link again! :D yes, all your mail art is lovely! It makes my day to get a letter from you! What a treat it is! ;)

shannah said...

And I like that dragon stamp as well!

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