Monday, October 17, 2011


Wow are these things stinkin' cute!  I love the fact that I can keep Claire's legs warm and I can still get to her diaper without completely disrobing her.  It's starting to get cold here in St. Louis so this will definately be a plus.

These baby legs are so easy to make and so much cheaper!  For one pair of really cute "baby legs" I would pay around $7 or $8 dollars...well, the ones that I liked at least.  For $8 I bought really cute knee high socks for little girls and made four pairs of baby legs!  That's a price I like.

So here we go.  First, lay the sock down flat on it's natural fold from the packaging.  Next, take siccors and cut off the toe and the heel.  On the heel, cut along one side and then cut straight. 

You may think that this will leave the sock with a peak but it actually leaves you with a nice little rectangular piece as you can see below.

Next, take the small piece and fold it inward with wrong sides together.  Pull the raw edges together.

Now, here you can do one of two things.  A) You can leave it as is to sew to the other piece, or B) you can cut one side in order to make the cuff smaller.  I went with option A but at the end of this tutorial I will tell you what to do for option B.

Now that you have your raw ends together with right sides facing out, slide the cuff onto the other end (long end) of the sock.  Again, bring the raw edges together.  Now do any wiggling you need to to make the ends nice and even and everything is laying correctly.

Next, sew down the raw edges taking care to capture all three edges.  Use a zigzag stitch and stretch out the fabric a little bit.  I suggest a little more than a 1/4" seam allowance as the knit in the sock likes to roll up just enough that anything less lends to missed fabric. 

This process literally takes about 5 minutes...maybe.  I did four pairs in about 45 minutes.  That's with taking pictures, changing Claire, feeding Claire and having a few bites of key lime pie to boot.  It also helped that I did all the socks in an assymbly line.

And here is sweet Claire in her brand new baby legs!  They are so cute and so is she!  And yes, she has two different colored socks on...

Grace had to come and give her little sister a sweet kiss.  I don't blame her!

So there you have it.  DIY baby legs on a friendly budget.  I think I am going to make a few pairs for Grace but I will make them out of adult socks.  I'll post the pics when I make them.

For option B, I made you a very fancy illustration of what to do...Ha!

Make sure you use a zig-zag stitch on step 2.  Also, you will have to stretch the material to make everything fit nice and neat as the cuff will be smaller than the other end piece.

That's it.  This was a fun little project.  I enjoyed making them and now I will be on the lookout for more socks for my little ones.  Oh, plural.  That's fun to say.

Thanks for visiting as always and I will be posting some more in the coming days.  Stay tuned!

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